Strategic Goals for 2019-2020

Goal 1: Create a Master Scheduling Plan for the complete project using current data to drive decision making.

  • Although there are amazing partners serving Roanoke and Lynchburg, there are not enough recovery beds for the uninsured and the homeless in our service area. This data, when combined with the challenges involved in capital investments, lead us to the prudent development plan in Two Phases:
    • Phase I: A facility in Roanoke serving men;
    • Phase II: A facility in Lynchburg serving women.
    • The actual schedule will be largely determined by success in fundraising.

Goal 2: Immediately begin prospecting and locating property for the Men’s Facility in Roanoke.

Goal 3: Immediately and concurrently begin planning the Women’s Facility to be located in Lynchburg.

  • By opening the men’s facility in Roanoke and the women’s facility in Lynchburg The Haven will foster and create “Municipal Reciprocity” – generating a collaborative need and partnership in the two regions as well as embodying our goal of being an Urban Regional Model serving Central and Southwestern Virginia.

Goal 4: Undertake a major Capital Campaign for developing the men’s facility to begin by Spring 2019.

  • Layout a strategic plan for the Capital Campaign estimating it will take 12 months to complete.
  • Begin researching eligibility for, and building the foundation, securing Low Income Housing Tax Credits, New Market Tax Credits, Enterprise Zone Grants, Opportunity Zone funds eligibility.

Goal 5: Nurture and build a solid individual donor investment base in Central and Southwestern Virginia.

Goal 6: Increase the visibility and the impact of The Haven in providing recovery services to Central and Southwestern Virginia.


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